Cute Brand Watch – pipi lottie

pipi lottie (ピピロッティー) started in September last year and they specialise in the cute casual style similar to bubbles or a toned down onespo.  It’s very Larme and totally the kind of style I love right now. They describe themselves as “the spot for fashionable girls that love cute casual style”. Think baby pink silk bomber jackets, pastel tone dad hats and plaid skirts in adorable shades.


pipi lottie is actually a select shop, so calling it a brand is a reach tbh. They source cute clothes from Korea (because that trend is still hot) that fit their image and sell them on their webstore. They have no physical locations. The price point is super reasonable; around wego levels. Nothing that I’ve seen was over ¥10,000($85), more around the ¥2,000 -¥3,000 range ($20ish), so it’s perfect for cute girls on a budget.

Considering the models they are choosing, it’s safe to say they are aiming for the younger fashion fan, mid-teens to early 20s. If you take a look at their Instagram you can see the typical cute girl faves like Kurotaki Maria(LARME), Yoshiki Chisato (LARME)and Ai Matsumoto (JELLY).


Overall I like what they’re doing. It’s not ground breaking, true, but it’s what is hot right now and I like it. Going the Instagram route with their promo, instead of the magazines is actually inspired because they are still getting the reach they need by using the models their target customer is following without the magazine fees. After all, I stumbled across them on Suzuki Aya’s Instagram. Check them out if you’re interested!

web store:

March 2017 LARME Review


It’s that time of year again, the newest issue of Larme came out this week! I’ve been dedicated to this magazine since it first came out so of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this issue. Larme only comes out once every 2 months so this is the Spring issue, even though Tokyo is going through quite a cold snap at the moment.

March’s cover girl is Maria Kurotaki. If you don’t know her she’s a former Ageha model that’s been in Larme since she came back from studying abroad. Check out her twitter here.

The main theme is ‘Little Princess Labyrinth’. Think fairy tales, and night ware and lace.  It’s all adorably coquettish and feminine. The styling is adorable but not out of place on an adult.  In fact, all the fashion for this spring seems like a more grown Larme than previous issues.  Lots of it focusses on how to transition from winter to spring which is very useful if a tad too early for this weather.

So what you wanna know is the trends right. Well according to Larme you girls should be buying and wearing:

  • Off the shoulder tops
  • Florals (in spring? Shocker!)
  • Gingham
  • Scallop hemlines
  • Denim
  • Frills

A lot of the trends they mentioned are major staples of the Larme style anyway so there’s no surprises really. Colorwise it’s pastels and reds and a lot of white. Girly and very Larme.

There’s also a whole section dedicated to Valentine’s and the best chocolate inspired outfit to please your bae. I personally dislike the makeup tutorials. The warm toned shadows on both lids with no liner of defined lashes just makes the girls look ill, and not in a cute way.

The Anna Sui collaboration looks are way cuter. The brand is using this issue to promote 3 new lipstick shades. I love the pink/brown lip stick and I will be picking one up myself.

My favourite section of this issue is the Kimono section. Larme actually has a whole issue dedicated to Kimono once a year but I appreciate this in the main magazine too, especially just after Comin-of-age Day in Japan while kimono are still on everyone’s minds.  A lot of people assume kimono is this dying art but there are still designers here innovating. Each model had a different twist on pattern choice and styling. The mix of Japanese and western items is fun too. I recommend picking up this issue just for this section alone.

So that’s my round up of my highlights from this issue. Pick up a copy when it’s available near you if you can. If you can read Japanese there’s some interesting articles and advice for the New Year. Also an opportunity to get to know the reader models better.