Spring at Shibuya 109

Last Monday, Shibuya 109 launched the spring campaign. After a couple disappointing shoots, I’m actually really into this one.

Featuring Larme’s head girl Risa Nakamura it is definitely aiming to appeal to that magazine’s readers.

Very cute, pink and casual with the hair, makeup and styling. I love the heavy 90s hip hop throwback feel too.

According to 109 this seasons hot 3 trends are:

  • Heart motifs
  • Aurora colour
  • Unisex style

The first two are definitely in many of the stores in 109. Unisex might be a stretch but it is a big trend in the wider fashion world and the male model is clad entirely in clothes from 109 stores so they can have that.

All in all this actually makes me a bit hopeful for 109’s continued place of importance in gal as something more than a tourist trap.

See the 109 blog post here (Japanese)


Nail trends: pressed flowers

Hey guys!

It’s been forever since my last nail post so I thought I’d talk about my new favourite trend. I’ll probably post a round up of all the nail designs I had over the last year too since I only posted a couple of them. So, today’s trend topic is…pressed flowers (押し花 in Japanese).

This isn’t super popular in Tokyo yet but I know once spring hits it’ll be a big hit. More and more salons are picking it up. A couple of weeks ago I went to Nail Salon Shupola in Shibuya with the lovely Emmie. They have a few pressed flower examples in the gallery on their hot pepper page so look at those too.

These are the set I got done. I know the shaping isn’t great, my nails are in poor condition lately. Th design didn’t take very long because they are easier to apply than doing art. I personally think my base is a bit too glittery to show off the flowers but they’re still cute. Most salons weren’t doing the pressed flower look with ‘scattered’ flowers, mostly they are placed sparingly or arranged in ‘bunches’ and ‘rings’. See the examples below of some of the sets from other salons.

park by merry nail & eyelash


jill&lovers shibuya


My favourite nailist that works with pressed flowers isn’t Japanese at all, but Clara based out of Australia. If you don’t follow her on Instagram just do it now because she’s amazing. She also travels sometimes so if you aren’t in Melbourne she might end up near you at some point.


I hope you guys like this trend too! Let me know what you think and try it out!