Nail trends: Stones and Wires

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a nail post. I want to talk about another trend in the Japanese nail art world. This one has been around since last year but is a bit of a slow burn compared to the splash mirror nails made. One reason for this is that this trend requires parts. Specifically, stones and shaped wire. See some examples below.


This was a natural progression really, from people mimicking the look of stones with art to actually using them as parts. Usually this trend is paired with clear designs, gold leaf, air brushing or a more subtle look. Where mirror nails had such wide applications it could suit various styles, this trend only fits the more grown up styles. stones nail parts

Most salons offer these parts but they usually have to be bought on top of the cost of the manicure. That’s the same with most parts but I can see why not everyone is willing to pay an extra few thousand yen for this look.


I’ve been tempted in the past because I’ve seen such cool designs with this trend. However I’m not great with big things on my nails because I am not even close to graceful and they get caught on things. What do you guys think of this trend?


Nail trends: pressed flowers

Hey guys!

It’s been forever since my last nail post so I thought I’d talk about my new favourite trend. I’ll probably post a round up of all the nail designs I had over the last year too since I only posted a couple of them. So, today’s trend topic is…pressed flowers (押し花 in Japanese).

This isn’t super popular in Tokyo yet but I know once spring hits it’ll be a big hit. More and more salons are picking it up. A couple of weeks ago I went to Nail Salon Shupola in Shibuya with the lovely Emmie. They have a few pressed flower examples in the gallery on their hot pepper page so look at those too.

These are the set I got done. I know the shaping isn’t great, my nails are in poor condition lately. Th design didn’t take very long because they are easier to apply than doing art. I personally think my base is a bit too glittery to show off the flowers but they’re still cute. Most salons weren’t doing the pressed flower look with ‘scattered’ flowers, mostly they are placed sparingly or arranged in ‘bunches’ and ‘rings’. See the examples below of some of the sets from other salons.

park by merry nail & eyelash


jill&lovers shibuya


My favourite nailist that works with pressed flowers isn’t Japanese at all, but Clara based out of Australia. If you don’t follow her on Instagram just do it now because she’s amazing. She also travels sometimes so if you aren’t in Melbourne she might end up near you at some point.


I hope you guys like this trend too! Let me know what you think and try it out!


September Nails

I’m super late with this but I was so happy with them I still want to show off my nails from September. I got these done at Jill&Lovers Harajuku. They were way more expensive than I usually pay for nails, even with a referral discount. However the quality was really good – no lifting, very flat, no fading. Also Jill & Lovers use paragel with is supposed to be less damaging to your nails which is always nice.


I really like Sayo, the nailist. She does my friends’ nails so we already had stuff to talk about. Also I got the morning appointment so i was just me and her in the shop. I can’t do Harajuku on the weekend because there are way too many people but the morning is bearable.


I love the mirror/aurora nail trend. It’s still new in Japan so not all the nailists can do it, or do it well yet. However I’ve started to see some really cute experimentation with the technique so I’ll definitely do it again.

Jill&Lovers Harajuku

営業時間:AM12:00 ~ PM 9:00 /定休日:毎週火曜日


Nail trends: Asymmetry

This season there are so many nail trends to talk about. It’s hard for me to find I favourite but I’ll start with the last on I did myself:
Asymmetrical nails! In Japanese it’s called アシンメトリーネイル. The basic idea, is getting two different designs on each hand.
How complicated you want to make it is up to you, but in general people seem to keep a running theme between the designs on each hand.
For example, French tips tortoiseshell patterns in different colours.

assymmetric nails
For mine, I went for marble nails with gold leaf accents on the left, and iridescent oil slick glitter on the right.
I kept them both short and flat, on the one hand to be easy to type with, and on the other hand to not add to much detail.
I’ve seen some examples of two completely different 3D patterns and designs on each hand and I just couldn’t get into it.
It was way too much to focus on, especially when the fingers on each hand have slightly different designs too.


This trend is super easy to mimic, even if you aren’t in Japan and even if you don’t get gels done.
This also matches really easily with other nail trends so you can be even trendier!
Give it a go! Let me know how you like this look too.